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Started by ferova - Last post by ferova
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Started by xXchemicalromanticXx - Last post by Tin2x

Started by lacure - Last post by lacure
Quality websites create a positive impression on the visitors.  Such websites get a higher amount of traffic and online business. These websites manage to create a very good initial impression with the help of appealing and user-friendly web designs. The time that you get to leave this impression is just a few seconds.

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Here a few common web design mistakes made that you have to avoid.
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Started by carolmeranda - Last post by carolmeranda

I am looking to buy an erotic game for valentines day for my boyfriend and am overwhelmed by all the choices! Do any of you have suggestions for games you or your friends have tried? I have heard that "just4play" is a fun one but it is an interactive dvd and I was wondering if it's better to get a traditional board game. Any ideas? Thanks Shake

Started by sofia - Last post by oceanstate22
 Weird nice nice  Peace

Started by sofia - Last post by arrizclark
wow ! Nice one ! Peace

Started by AndrewsBrown - Last post by AndrewsBrown
In this modern era of technology boom, it’s hard to think of life without the Internet. The digital age has ushered a new awareness about the benefits of Information Technology with the internet being the hallmark of information availability to anyone and everyone. web design company in India has understood the importance of online presence and brand image by having websites developed as per their requirements by the right technology partner.

We have arrived at a comprehensive list of points that you should be aware of before selecting the right specialist vendor to cater to your website requirements.

Testimonials and Portfolio – This is a good starting point. More than words, it’s the past works that reflect the vendor’s capability to undertake projects.
Relevant Expertise – Select a vendor with long term experience in delivering web solutions to suit client needs. You would want to work with established players rather than beginners.
Customized Approach – A good vendor is one who understands your requirements patiently and suggests you a solution that is feasible, thus ensuring clarity right from the onset.
Quality or Price – Do not compromise quality for want of price reduction. A vendor who may bend down to a great extent on price to get your project may not deliver quality service.
Future maintenance – A vendor who can provide after sales maintenance and service would be the perfect fit for clients with long term requirements.
Value addition – A vendor who can provide add-on solutions complementary to website development (SEO, Content Writing, Graphic Designing) would guarantee a comprehensive website solution.
Systematic Service Delivery – Adherence to a documented process and constant communication on project are the hallmarks of professional website development companies.

The above points will ensure that clients get a vendor who believe in fostering trust and goodwill and ensure value based services. It is highly important to choose the right designing company who can understand and interpret your business goals and convert them into an effective and professional online identity.

Started by sofia - Last post by sofia
My YJ is in the garage with brand new 33 12.50 15 tires. I've researched and know I can do a spring over and coil blocks for a 2" lift on my 1500 Dodge Ram ($200 parts, less than $500 total with labor). Then I can beat the price of new tires ($700 - $900) and get the look I've always wanted. I just dont know if the tires will rub. Anyone have a suggestion?
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Started by sofia - Last post by sofia
What would be the best v6 for a miata swap while being pretty easy?

I've heard the 3.4 v6 from gm will fit without any clearance issues and it can make decent horsepower. Does anyone know of a better v6 engine.

what i'm looking

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Started by sofia - Last post by sofia
Hi, they r selling a 5.0 gt mustang for $1900, but it has bad syncros in 2nd and 3rd gear, and the cars right door does not open, the latch is broken. What would be a fair offer to give the guy knowing I have to get this repaired, and who knows if the sycros being damaged messed anything else up. What would be a good enough offer? The interior looks good, and body is straight and good enough paint
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