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Title: Forum Rules
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"Kamy at Angelicum" is a forum made by a group of students from Angelicum made for the Angelicum Students and for ALL to join and have fun. The forum is open for all to have fun by socializing through the cyber world, or as what we call it the internet.

Kamy at Angelicum is for everyone but we also have our very own forum rules and regulations.

1.) No bashing. No one should post a harsh, gratuitous, predjudicial attack on a person, group or subject.
2.) Keep everything safe. Everything should be kept safe for all. No adult materials please. ^^,
3.) No Spamming. Spamming are posts that are used to increase ranks. Post replies that makes sense that could give interest to others.
4.) Posting Images is allowed since a few suggestions have been posted about posting images. It is now officially allowed. But everything should be kid-friendly.
5.) Keep your posts at correct topic and Keep your topics at the correct board.
6.) Always stay on topic. Off topic replies are considered as spam.
OFT - Off Topic
OT - On Topic
(If you do have a Off Topic reply please place OFT on that part of the post.)
7.) Double Posting is not allowed.
8.) No Stickycaps.
9.) Avoid using too much smileys.