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News: KAMYX3 at ANGELICUM is now doing their best to make new updates for the forum. The new layout will come out on February.
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Forum Rules and Regulations
These rules will take effect in what ever part of the forum you are in.

Rule 1

Spamming is not allowed.
The following are counted as Spamming

a. Off topic responses

b. Anything incomplete or
 does not really say anything. Useless/senseless topics, posts, and responses.

c. Posts and threads made to get his/her rank up or just to post more
(ex post: Topic: School Paper | Response: Cool)

d. Posting a Smiley(s) with little or no words is considered spamming.

e. Posting to ask people to reply to your thread is considered spamming.

f. Using Sticky Caps like (ex. TaLkIn LyK Diz Tat PpoL SumTimz CaN't UnDrsTnD)

g. When you post you must post more than 5 words if not its also considered as spamming

Rule 2

Avvie and Siggie rules

If these rules are broken you will be issued with a warning and you must edit your avvie or siggie


a. There is a limit of only one siggie

b. For signatures with images, maximum image dimensions are 500 pixels (width) by 100 pixels (height).

c. For signatures without images (text lang), you are allowed up to seven (7) lines of text in standard size format.

d. For signatures with images and text, you are allowed up to two (3) lines of text in standard size format along with your image.

e. Siggies that are porn or containing violent or insulting words will be either warned by the staff or
be baned.(we will allow the kinds like emo types)

f. If there are any questionable avvies please forward them to our staff any we will check if you can use them or not.


a. For avatars, maximum size is 100 pixels by 100 pixels.

b. Animated GIFs will be allowed

c. Avvies that are porn or containing violent or insulting words will be either warned by the staff or
be baned. (we will allow the kinds like emo types)
j. If there are any questionable avvies please forward them to our staff any we will check if you can use them or not.

Rule 3

Posting Graphics

It is now in prohibited to post graphics.

Rule 4

No flaming

We all know what flaming is

Posts that are clearly insulting other users, individually or as a group, directly or indirectly, are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: name-calling ; direct insults and orders ; insinuations ("Are you stupid?"); or insults towards family.

We allow you to debate about something but if it leads to flaming

We will have to lock the thread or warn you.

Rule 5

rude “reklamo” topics, posts, responses, and comments are also disallowed.

Rule 6

No offensive material

We don't want users to encourage other users to post link to porn or violence. If caught you will be either baned or warned.

Rule 7

Pictures are now allowed to be posted provided that only ONE is used.

If you want to post more than one it must only be links. But we will allow you to post as much as 10 pics at the bunch O' goodies graphics and in the drawing styles

Rule 8

No "impersonating" staff members.

We don't want any users to act like mods. Our staff knows their jobs and they know what to do.
You may politely suggest or inform a Angelican if they have violated one of the rules but harassing them of what to do is also a violation.

Rule 9

Don't give out your personal info.

We encourage you not to give out your personal info. like your tel. no., address, passwords. You may give them out but through Private Messages. But we allow you to give your e-mail add.

Rule 10

Any user agrees, through their usage of this forum not to post any copyrighted material unless they, themselves own the material.

***IF you violated these rules you may be sent with a warning, if you have a line of violations you maybe either have a violation count or be baned. If you have a major offense you may be either be baned of be set off with a warning.***

Good Luck posting Angelicans

but remember the Rules

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